16 @ 20 Mars 2015 - Masterclass with C.ORAN & B.NID - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Austria)

Masterclass is open to SEAD students only.

Ceren Oran met with this techniqe at 2010 during the workshop of Deniz Fisek in İstanbul. After this workshop at 2011 she applied and got a founding to study soundpainting from Austrian Ministry of Culture (BMUKK). After she contacted to Walter Thompson (Founder of Soundpainting) and she started to follow the workshops and performances or any activity that can support her researches about the technique. Since 2012 she is part of the Soundpainting Think Tank community and working with other soundpainters to develop and improve the language. She is the founder and the soundpainter of Salzburg Soundpainting collective, which has a multidisciplinary structure. Since 5 years she worked as a soundpainter and as a performer with many different international Soundpainting Collectives all around Europe and United States (Walter Thompson, Barcelona Soundpainitng Orchestra, Le SPANG,  Zaha NYC, Budapest Soundpainting Orchestra, Matters Brussels). As a Soundpainter and performer, she is very open to work and share ideas together, meanwhile as a second level certificated multidisciplinary soundapainting trainer she keeps on organizing workshops for different kinds of groups, such as: Multidisciplinary artists, Primary School Classes, Kindergartens, Amateur Theater Groups, Choirs.



Benjamin NID is a saxophonist, composer, and multidisciplinary soundpainter certified  by Walter Thompson, creator of this universal sign language for real time composing in 1970 New-York.

In 2008 Benjamin started composing with actors, dancers, singers in an hybrid and powerful way, bringing performances on stage but also in streets and public transports. This experience has built Le SPANG ! collectiv. joined by 12 musicians with whom he produced more than 50 performances on stage.

His way of seeing guided improvisation has also been developed through studying John Zorn’s cobra, Butch Morris’ Conduction and Santiago Vasquèz percusio con Segnas (la Bomba del Tiempo).

Benjamin is teaching workshops in Lyon’s University, National Dance Center, Paris contemporary music school, Salzburg Experimental Dance Accademy with Ceren ORAN, National Stage with Walter THOMPSON and he leads creations with conservatories and stages gathering sometimes more than 100 performers.